Secure and
regular backup of WordPress websites

BekitUp is an automatic backup tool for WordPress websites. Without installation and with easy management and backup restoration on one click. All backups are securely stored thanks to encryption in the cloud.

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How does BekitUp work?

  1. Create a project and set a backup schedule

    Create a project and set a backup schedule

    Creating a project in BekitUp is a matter of a few minutes. Database and ftp connection details are optional as not everyone wants to backup files and database at the same time and not every web hosting allows remote connection to database or ftp. You can use help in case you are lost or you do not know where to find connection details. Tariffs are created so you can find exactly the one that suits you. Differences between tariffs are in disk size, number of history backups, and how often you can start backuping. The last step is to set up the project's backup schedule and you are ready to BekitUp.

  2. Periodical project backup and manual start

    Periodical project backup and manual start

    Backup starts every time based on its schedule and is started periodically. Backup schedule sets at which hour and minute backup starts and if it should be done more than once a day. You can see all information about the backup state in the application. In addition, you can browse the backup history records, including when the backup failed and why. Next to automatic backups, you can start the backup process manually with one click.

  3. Backup history, one click restore and encryption

    Backup history, one click restore and encryption

    All backups that are made for your project are organized and displayed in one place. You can browse in older backups if you have a tariff with keeping older backups. If you need to restore your website from a backup, you can choose the most recent backup or an older one. Then just one click is enough and the website will be restored within a few minutes. All stored data is secured with strong encryption. Those include each backup and connection details. The only one with access to decrypted data is you.

  4. Overview of backup and selected tariff

    Overview of backup and selected tariff

    All information about the history of backup processes is presented to you in filterable graphs and tables. You know when the last backup was made and when it failed. Besides backup informations you get a detailed overview of used cloud space and all information about your backup schedule and tariff.

Try BekitUp as a tester and have backups sorted among the first.